Soundscape #1.



Book Angela, Victoria and Justin for their original and unique soundbath healing workshop. 


We offer light preparatory asana to prepare your body to rest, lead you through a guided meditation to a soundscape created the chakra singing bowls. Reiki healing supports you in your state of rest and beautifully balances the energy of the space.


We are committed to sharing this event with you after witnessing the deeply healing experience of sound bath practices.


Soundscape #2.


Book Victoria, Justin and Angela each for in-depth workshops which support their role in TheSHP Soundbath event. Scheduled over one or two days and culminating in our signature sound bath event - this experience deepens the practitioners knowledge of healing principles.

(YA CE credits apply to all teacher training graduates).


Angela: A two hour workshop to explore the qualities of each of the 7 major Chakras in the body through Asana practice, breathing practices and discussion. 


Justin: Reiki Level 1 Training - A three hour workshop that can be taken again and again as you learn how to self-heal through Reiki.  Reiki is universal life force energy that expresses the quality of unconditional love. Reiki promotes the body's natural healing ability and provides energetic alignment to your body. Having access to this energy, for yourself alone, has the power to effortlessly infuse your life with more balance and ease.

Victoria: A two hour workshop that investigates mantra and voice as a healing mechanism. Using simple breath work and chanting with 'Om' and other sounds you will learn immediate stress relief tools. Joyful and liberating this workshop prepares you perfectly for meditation and enhances the meditative quality of TheSHP Soundbath event. 


Soundscape #3.


Book Justin, Angela and Victoria for an exclusive private Soundscape Healing Project. Invite us to your home, your workplace or your special event - and share with your friends, colleagues and loved ones this beautiful bonding experience.

If you are looking for a unique and wellness based activity for your special event, keep us in mind. Created specifically to support your occasion, be it a bridal shower, pre-wedding meditation, holiday party or personal R&R retreat. Reach out to us and we can make it happen. All three of us are qualified and experienced teachers for yoga, and can offer private sessions in addition to the Soundbath event, in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Chakra Therapy.